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January 10, 2011


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Sam Vaughn

Anybody who has ever had any experience with a paranoid schizophrenic knows that they would see shadows of conspiracy in the Sahara at high noon. Throw bipolar disorder into the mix and you have a powder keg of potential maniac behaviour. This has been going on since the dawn of mankind.

The behaviour is easy to see once you scrape the surface but impossible, in a politically correct world, to simply call someone crazy. Paranoid schizophrenics can be incredibly intelligent, the one I knew was Mensa level. He knew how to push back. Nevertheless, he's one moment away from pushing a bystander off a train platform and nobody you tell in positions of authority are willing to consider that somebody might actually be crazy..... Nope they always play the victim card..... it's not his fault it's societies fault, it's your fault. After this experience I've come to believe that evil exists and it's malevolence holds no bounds, let alonw party affiliation. A re-run of the Mickey Mouse Club could set him off......

J Wilson

So.... It's Walt Disney's fault?

Douglas Bostick

Q1, Is or shouldn't be about time lines, most Americans want us out, most Americans don't have a clue why were still there. You can't regulate or go to war over moral issue's that have been going on for centuries. We attcaked the Terrorist in 2002 we believed we won/paid back the Terrorist for 9/11. Buy all rights we should have been out of the area soon after Hussian was hung. Wether you were for or against going into Iraq, there's no reason for our Military being killed in 2011 for these people, They have had years to secure thenselves and thats failed, they have had years to decide vote for a governemnt that represents all the people, thats failed. We pulled most of the troops out last year even though Obama promised to remove the troops in months after election, that failed as did most of his other promises. #1 G.H.W.Bush dropped the ball in the 1st war with Iraq by not arresting and taking Hussian out of the picture, then Jr. does it years later. I am a Republican, I voted twice for Jr. and would have a 3rd time if it was legal, but it's time to close this book on a sect of people that have been at war with there neighbors since B/C. We saved Saudia Arabias ass and for what, they lost 50 or so of their own and we have paid the price for their oil and at a high price just to make them richer? Isn't it interesting that some powerful Americans would rather protect a turtle, a bird or some small crecture rather than drilling for oil in the USA or off shore, the Kennedy's didn't want wind turbines off the coast because it was unsightly, I guess you have that luxury when your a millionaire and in Congress for life. Here's the bottom line if we leave now or we leave in 2 more years (this will be an issue in 2012) they will revert back to the shara law and muslim rule, it's like the drug cartels that we have been fighting for 25 years, once a controlling entity has control, enjoys the good that goes with being on top, they ain't leaving kind of like our Congress.

Douglas Bostick

Q3. Cut Pentagon Budget, I have a better suggestion, cut spending period, my wife spends until the money in the bank has been depleated, then we quit buying, the Congress that passes the budget hasn't a clue how to balance anything, it's not their money. What did Ronald Reagan say "the taxpayer" is someone who works for the federal government but doesn't have to take a civil service exam! The opinion of Congress rather than stop wastful spending is add more ways to generate money (we can't call it a tax) from the working class. Any American that ran a business a budget and check book like Congress would be in Jail, which most of them shold be. Were about as close to becoming a 3rd world county as you can get and if we don't reel in the spending, get our security and borders in order we soon will be a socialist ran country. Ever wonder why the Congress won't vote on an amendment to balance the Federal Budget? they won't let it go to the public for a vote, just think how quickly this problem with money and deficit were in would change if they had to do as all Americans do and balance a budget each year. And while were on Congress the President has term limits, most State Governors have term limits, most State oficials have term limits, but NOT Congress. humm Isn't there a amendment that address's issue's with Congress passing special laws that just protect effect them? I'm sure I read that somewhere, maybe they should.

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