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August 17, 2010


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Interesting that AEI and Heritage salaries are the highest, when in fact - for Heritage anyway - their impact outside the right wing noise machine is negligible.

David Boyajian

Dear ThinkTankedBlog and Allen McDuffee:

Many people do not know that the Woodrow Wilson Center is a public institution established by Congress and receives taxpayer funds. We must bear this in mind when considering Lee Hamilton's$371K salary listed above.

One wishes Mr. Hamilton all the best on his retirement, but the Woodrow Wilson Center (WWC) has received much deserved criticism due to his and the WWC’s decision to honor Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu with a “Public Service Award” in Turkey on June 17.

The truth is that the WWC (1/3 funded by the US taxpayer) is knee-deep in highly questionable cash donations provided by Turkish-affiliated corporations.

This investigative piece explains how:


A descendant of President Wilson’s family, Donald Wilson Bush, has twice blasted the WWC and Mr. Halilton for disregarding the mandate assigned to it by the US Congress in 1968 (the WWC is part of the Smithsonian Institution, and Hillary Clinton sits on the WWC board):



Congressman Gary Ackerman (D- NY) recently wrote a widely circulated letter to Mr. Hamilton criticizing the Wilson Center for its award to Turkey's Davutoglu, among other things:


Many others have also criticized the WWC for its ineptitude. For example:

http://pajamasmedia.com/claudiarosett/yep-the-wilson-center-is-honoring-the-foreign-minister-of-turkey/ (Article by Claudia Rossett)


Let us hope that before Lee Hamilton leaves he will reform the WWC so that it complies with the law and becomes an institution that the American people can be proud of. This will decide what Mr. Hamilton’s legacy will be.

Regardless, Congress and the US taxpayer will be closely scrutinizing the WWC.


Ed Feulner's worth every penny.

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